Mission & Values

We are proud of our award-winning legacy and reputation for providing the highest quality search and recruiting services.  Our reputation is based upon our commitment to our clients, candidates and ourselves.  This is embodied in MRN's Mission and Core Values.

Our Mission

  • To constantly add value and to provide our clients and candidates with the highest quality search and recruiting services available anywhere;
  • To continually develop our business skills and knowledge of the industry segments in which we specialize; and,
  • To passionately adhere to our Core Values.

Our Core Values

MRN's Core Values guide each MRN employee in all that they do and help us know and understand what to expect from each other.

  • Excellence:  Promote and accept only the very best that we have to offer ourselves and others.
  • Integrity:  An unwavering commitment to operate in an ethical, honest and credible manner in all business and personal situations.
  • Service:  Diligence in the desire to serve and support our clients and candidates at unprecedented levels.
  • Commitment:  A passion about our work and our role in the success of our clients, candidates, ourselves and our company.
  • Positive Attitude:  A positive manner and disposition that represents goodwill toward the people we work with and the work environment around us.
  • Work Ethic:  Consistent effort directed toward accomplishing both individual and company goals using a system of moral principles.
  • Teamwork:  Working as partners in support of each other's performance. Our company’s performance and in pursuit of our Mission Statement and on-going Company goals.
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